All You Need to Know About Raft Foundation

A raft foundation is a reinforced concrete and steel base. Raft Foundation, is when concrete is poured over the whole area of the home making it look like a big slab and strong enough to carry the total weight of the construction.

Raft foundations need special design and structure and should only be considered if it's achieved by special contractors and supervised entirely by your qualified engineer or architect.

Piled Raft Foundations is used when soil conditions such as dolomite, clay, and collapsible soils are encountered. These foundations consist of a good slab of heavily reinforced concrete covering the entire building footprint area.

This makes sure that the building does not get damage once the soil falls away or moves beneath the building. Our technology team is enthusiastic about everything they do and this can be viewed in the quality of work.

Our fundamental raft foundation drawings services comprise:

  • Raft base design
  • Procurement of preliminary documentation
  • Earthworks
  • Land Surveying
  • Ground beam excavations
  • Covering of components

Raft foundation facilitates its clientele with:

  • Bespoke software Meant to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of deeper base parameters and raft base alternatives employing specialist contractors
  • For complicated design and evaluation, pros professors are there
  • Basement and Excavation design

Raft Foundations have been the preferred foundation method. Due to the fact it is fast and easy to assemble, stable foundation and cost-effective.