Awards and Cup classification

If you are in search of awards and trophies, one important step is to have some information about the classification. Do you plan to give trophies for sporting competitions or contests, or award recognition for your company's corporate event; it is good preparation to know your options well. Discover more about custom trophy through

Awards and Cup classification

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In addition to the features of modern trophies and awards, they can come in different shapes and different materials. Commonly used material is crystalline, glass, wood, metal or steel, acrylic, and marble.

Therefore, the best way we can classify the awards and trophies will be following the materials used.

Acrylic Awards

Acrylic is one of the best materials available. Acrylic is used not only on the cup, but with many different products such as paint, furniture, home repair tools, and more. It is a thermoplastic that can be molded glass into various shapes and forms.

Choice of glass

They say that although there are cheap acrylic awards, nothing compares to Glass Awards. Trophies and awards made of glass classic. They never go out of style because they can be made into various shapes and forms.

Crystal awards

Crystal Awards is another popular classification trophy. It became popular because of its pure beauty. Such as glass awards, Crystal Awards are available in various forms.

Marble Awards

If you are looking for something that gives the impression of a monumental, perfect Marble Awards. They can be trendy as most companies offer good rewards a single solid color or a mixture of two or three colors.

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