Buying Antique Style Gemstone Rings

If you are into jewelry then this is probably the topic for you. Not for us though since jewelry makes our skin itchy and hence why we do not bother wearing any on our daily lives. But hey, if you want them then you can have them. There is beauty in wearing them sometimes as long as you do not wear them by the bulk. So go wear some Antique Style Gemstone Rings.

We do not normally wear jewelry because as we said we do not like how it feels against our skin and because we get itchy about it. Not to mention the sweat it will receive when we move around. And we move around a LOT okay?

So no we really would not want any kind of necklaces or rings or bracelets at all. But that is not to say that we are opposed to wearing them sometimes though. When we go to a party that we know will not make us sweat like a hippo in the heat, we would not be opposed to wearing some kind of necklaces as long as it was pretty enough by our standards or at least complimented the dress we would wear.

But aside from that, there is no way you re getting us to wear that garbage. No offense to the people who actually love these. Especially to the ones who make this for a living, we are not trying to do something on your job, we are just starting our own preference.

But to be honest, we also are kind of jealous towards those people who would not bat an eye about wearing them. When they do not get bothered by the things basically choking them in the heat. It always amazes us that they could still wear them even if they wear sweating a lot.

We could not even wear our own school I. D. S back then all because of the sweating and running around from classroom to classroom all the time. And boy, when you have classes in summer you know that the sun will be up your ass for a very long time.

And when we  just try on some rings, we would get severely irritated when it would get stuck on a piece of our clothing or our hair. And we touch our hair all the freaking time because of how long it used to be back then and how hot it would get if we did not tie it up or something.

Dude, we really do not recommend having long hair in the summer. But in any case, if you have no problem with any of these issues so far then more power to you bro. Rock on with your jewelry whether they are the antique kind of the modern kind.

Personally, if we are just looking at them and not wearing any, we would actually prefer the rings that are big and a little intimidating to look at. Only because rings like those remind us of the Vongola Rings in Katekyo Hitman Reborn. And mind you, we DO have those rings, particularly the Cloud and the Sky rings.