Difference Between Psychiatry and Psychology

Unless you have experience in the field of mental health, you cannot understand the difference between psychiatry and psychology. Both professions are looking to help people with psychological problems.

However, if you are looking for a treatment, it is important to understand what separates a psychiatrist psychologist. You can browse to online sites like https://www.epsychiatry.com.au/ to get in-depth knowledge about both the terms.

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A psychiatrist must get a bachelor's degree, then four full years of medical school to achieve M.D. or OD degree. Medical school was followed by four years of residency training in psychiatry, usually in the psychiatric unit of a hospital. As a neurologist in training to diagnose neurological problems, the fact of a psychiatrist have specialized training in diagnosing mental disorders.

A psychologist, on the other hand, can continue in varying degrees. Tuition varies the required five to seven years. There are psychologists who focus only on scientific research and there are those that focus on working with individuals, families and groups, providing advisory services.

Some psychologists and interpret psychological tests to determine what type of treatment a person will need. Although not allowed to prescribe drugs, the psychologist works with a psychiatrist if they think medicine is needed.

Psychiatrists and psychologists work together

Although both are different professions but psychiatrists and psychologists often work together. For the well-being of the patient, the two professions often require the services of the other. For example, a psychologist is not authorized to prescribe drugs.

If the psychologist believes that medication is justified, he or she will consult a psychiatrist. Conversely, if a psychiatrist has prescribed medication, but thought that the patient might benefit from counseling, he will refer the patient to a psychologist.