How to Deal with Snake Bites and Avoid Being Bitten

Many people ask me how dangerous are snakes?

The solution is that snakes have gathered as bees through the years as many myths. Like shark stories beliefs about snakes have little foundation in the truth.

But they remain creatures that have developed ways of protecting themselves and should be given the respect that they deserve. Snakes are creatures that want to live their lives out the way. With the exceptions of a few species which live in Africa and Australia, the majority doesn’t attack and of snakes have no interest in humans.

In actuality, those never understood about it and who live in warmer climates have been within inches of a snake. Before striking by using or hissing their rattles snakes will give warning. They do so because they don't want to waste their venom.

Humans have a relationship with snakes that isn't really justified. A response that's deeply embedded as a defense strategy against harm is initiated by the mention of this word.

What do you do if someone else or you are bitten by a snake?

How to Deal with Snake Bites and Avoid Being Bitten

The first thing to do would be to lie down the individual and keep them. If it is that includes you. By doing this we're currently attempting to maintain the pulse low via using compression bandages. This has limited effect after snake bite increases the pulse since the stress one feels. Running about most makes things worse in saying that.

The thing would be to identify the kind of snake that bit at the person. If you cannot identify it make a note of exactly what it looked like.