Origin and Popularity of Hot Wings

Hot wings are also known as Buffalo wings, wings, or chicken wings. These are known as Buffalo wings as they are originated from Buffalo, New York. The best recipe of hot wings is hard to find. It is also not as easy as buying grilled chicken or some BBQ sauce. When many people are looking for hot wings near me, they also love to have sauce that is very juicy and delicious as they have unmatched taste. There are several hot wings lovers in the world and they are known to be found on chicken wing selections and drummettes are often deep fried and coated in sauce.

The traditional Buffalo sauce consists of vinegar based hot cayenne pepper sauce with butter. This type of preparation and sauce has been added to various types of dishes like chicken nuggets, chicken fingers, popcorn chicken, and chicken wings. They have been initially prepared in 1964 at Anchor Bar, Buffalo, New York by Teressa Belissiomo, co-owner with her husband Frank. It is believed that she has come to the bar with a group of friend with a hope to make fast snack. Then she deep fried the chicken wings and tossed it in cayenne hot sauce. There are different varieties of hot wings available.