Payment Methods for Wedding Disc Jockey

For some events, pay a DJ can be a complicated process. Some DJs prefer cash; another fine with a personal check. In certain cases, a DJ might be able to accept credit or debit cards.

It is very important that you understand the terms of payment and the potential risks involved with any form of payment. Fraud does not exist in the DJ industry like in all other sectors, so be alert and aware of your money at any time is very important. You can get wedding DJ services in Detroit from various web sources.

First and foremost, make sure you get a receipt for any and all payments that you make to the disc jockey. Payments made by personal check or credit/debit card can be traced, but the cash payment and money order are almost impossible to track. Getting certified receipt of a disc jockey you ensure that you will not be charged double and that he had paid for the service you expect.

Some DJs may demand cash upfront. Many do this to avoid paying fees to the IRS. It is under the table payment system may seem fine and reasonable, but it is against the law for any individual to collect revenue without claiming it. By paying cash upfront, you are doing an injustice to our tax system.

Additionally, you put yourself at risk by providing a payment that cannot be reversed in the event that a disc jockey is a fraud. Disc jockey pay a deposit, not the full amount, upfront upon contract signing is okay but be sure to check the validity of its business.

Make sure that the payment information outlined in your contract. Some DJs can be sneaky and including hidden costs that you do not realize and expect payment at the time of the event.