Reasons You Need To Backup Windows Registry

Do you know how to backup Windows XP registry? Backing up registry key is quite somehow upsetting for some. If one can successfully back-up their registry, then it’ll be a lot easier to make some changes to various registry keys and just restore them all at once anytime at their convenience.

Now here’s the best way to backup Windows XP Registry an easier way.

Learning XP may take up to 10 minutes or less and may need extreme care if you don’t need to cause any more problems in your OS while performing the complete procedure.

  • Click the “Start” menu option to open the Start menu.
  • Click “Function.”
  • Sort “Regedit” into the text area and click “Enter.”
  • Visit the very best most part of the registry key offices and soon you arrive “My Computer.”
  • Right-select Our Computer and then select “move”, or simply pick

 You can save it to all of your computer drives but it is best to better preserve it on drive C: or within your desktop for easy access lest you come across issues and need to use the backup file. Create the best file name to the text area that best matches it; Registry Back-up will be a great title to avoid any confusions at that time you might need to discover and use it.  if you want more information about Security data then, you can visit

you are all set and make just as many changes in your registry that you want to.

If you might not be satisfied to the effect that arrived from changing the registry, just simply restore the entire registry back to the level prior to you created the said changes. The steps on the best way to backup Windows XP Registry isn’t as what should you just follow those given actions you applied to consider as hard.