Social Media Integration: Tips for Customer Contact Centers

The integration of social media gives businesses the unprecedented ability to build deep relationships with their customers, according to analyst Gartner. A recent study found that a majority of employees and consumers would prefer to use social networking for business communications.

As social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many others have become ubiquitous, companies are faced with the challenge of how best to use these resources to connect with their customers. You can also look for Facebook integration services online.

To drive customer collaboration, it is advantageous to use social networking tools, as ignoring these media outlets could result in many lost opportunities in connecting with potential customers. These are a few tips to be kept in mind when developing a social media strategy for a customer contact center.

Keep pace with customer contact channels- The various channels of customer interaction have evolved from face-to-face, voice, fax, IVR/voice portal, email, web chat and now to social media.

Detect the platform for communication on social media that a customer is using- Most customers feel that companies need to be monitoring social media for customer feedback.

Enhance the efficiency of your contact center by leveraging integration- Nearly 70 percent of employees surveyed by a Yankee study group felt that better tools were needed to track and manage social media for business. Numerous companies use a small dedicated staff to monitor social media activities and engage in social media outreach.